Here's why you should choose propane

Call or visit Anderson Sales in Lufkin, TX today!

Whether you're powering your RV or you need to buy propane for your grill, Anderson Sales is the propane filling station for you in Lufkin, TX.

Here's why we'd recommend using propane:

  • Propane is a cost-effective source of energy.
  • It's a clean source of energy.
  • It'll continue to work even if the electricity cuts out.
  • It's safe to use, especially with the regulations controlling its use.
  • The production of propane is a major American industry.

We simplify the propane refill process so that you're in and out quickly. Call us today for more information about our filling station. We offer free estimates.

Refill your propane without the wait

If you need propane, Anderson Sales is one of the only refilling stations in the area. We'll fill any propane tanks and cylinders you need. Plus, we do everything in-house so you won't have to wait.

Stop by our propane filling station when you need to buy propane in Lufkin, TX. We'll make sure you have enough propane to power your grill or RV.

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